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Arch Brooks

Certified Nuclear Engineer

Certified Statistician

Delphi Popular Author

Disciplines are developed for automatiom of end product deliverables.

Continually improves the process by automating workflows.

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Solutions Approach

To solve problems wxSmith, wxGlade or wxFormBuilder will produce c++, PHP and python source code.  The resulting GUI is based on open source cross-platform wxWidgets.  CodeBlocks compiles the c++ source code while the python code is handled in Visual Studio Code IDE. Gulp is used to automate the workflow by detecting source code changes then compiling CSS and pushing the resulting code with changes to the default web browser automatically on the fly.

Earned certification to write computer software in the construction, operation and maintenance of nuclear fueled power plants in the continental U. S. per the U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and Black & Veatch Consulting Engineers.

Earned certifications in Statistical Analysis Systems (SAS) for advanced graphics and advanced report writing.

Breadth of experience allows for the melding of technologies that provides a variety of sound technical solutions across multiple operating platforms.

Mainframe proclivities include mastery of the CICS and the TSO environments, performance measurement and capacity planning, systems level programmimg and application development.

Multiple frameworks are available that include Yii, Django and Delphi. c++ is the primary language of choice.

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