BCS Data Element Display Label

Each data element has an associated display label.  This application allows the user to update the display label. When the DED Data Entry option is selected the following dialog appears allowing the user to select an existing database and table. Simply double click on the desired data alias and table name to select it.  Once selected […]

BCS Tidy Format Uses Statements

The BCS Tidy project is an ongoing effort to develop a source code restructuring application.  This particular utility sorts and reformats uses statements. The unsorted uses statement is shown below. When the application is invoked the output uses statement appears below. This utility can be used for any Delphi source code uses statement. A 32-bit […]

BCS Remove Info Stored On DVD

When information is successfully stored on a DVD that information no longer needs to exist on the hard disk.  This application removes that content. You may initially desire to identify which DVD device as  the subject of subsequent operations.  The following dialog will appear. The normal process is initiated when the Check DVD option is […]

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