BCS wxWidgets Modal Dialog

To create a wxWidgets modal dialog some source code must be added to your existing wxWidget application. The next section of code will establish the class and the reference to the modal dialog. The final section of code shows how to invoke the modal dialog. Mr. Arch Brooks, Software Engineer, Brooks Computing Systems, LLC authored […]

BCS Return MySQL Auto Inc Value

There are those times when you need to retrieve the highest used auto increment value for a table. The following c++ snippet offers solution. To invoke the function use the following calling sequence. This section of code will retrieve the highest value for auto increment of any table in MySQL. To keep this example precise […]

BCS Boost List Of File Specifications

Boost handles retrieving file specifications. Our routine allows for the fully qualified file specification or just the filename and extension.  We begin by telling c++ we are using boost. The actual Boost snippet is as follows. Finally our calling sequence would appear as follows. The fqp Boolean allows the user to user the fully qualified […]

BCS wxWidgets Package Build And Install

Of all available c++ GUI’s wxWidgets is the standard for Brooks Computing Systems GUI’s. The provided packages were incompatible with the level of c++ I currently use so all the libraries in question had to be recompiled.  Below is a list of the possible configuration options. After configuration run the make command.  I have eight […]

BCS Prepare gtkmm Examples

There are many examples with gtkmm (c++). A framework was developed to facilitate making those examples fully functional in minuets instead of hours. Step 1 Generate the Eclipse Project. Step 2 Generate the examplewindow class and header. Step 3 Paste the examplewindow.h. Step 4 Paste the examplewindow.cpp. Step 5 Un comment three lines in MainWin […]

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