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Java FX offers Rich Internet Application (RIA) to the forefront.  Model View Controller (MVC) architecture along with SceneBuilder provides a rapid application development environment for rich applications.
Grails embraces concepts such as Convention over Configuration (CoC), Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY), and sensible defaults that are enabled through the terse Groovy language and an array of domain-specific languages (DSL’s) that make life easier.  Grails takes the best of dynamic language frameworks like Ruby on Rails, Django, and TurboGears and brings them to a Java Virtual Machine (JVM).
The BCS approach to delivering software solutions evolves around methodologies for web applications, desktop applications and mainframe applications. These applications employ software development platforms that offer comprehensive information management software solutions.
Web applications first tier employs rich internet applications that combine flash and java and Agile technologies showcasing Grails, Swiz framework, Spring, Hibernate and other proven technologies. Non RIA include data enable solutions for PhP and MySql employing MVC paradigms including CodeIgniter. Dot Net offerings are available which are typically Visual Studio c#, Visual Basic or Mono applications.
Desktop applications are primarily Adobe Air Applications and Visual Studio. This approach allow for code reuse of most RIA applications with little or no conversion. Delphi is employed for pure windows desktop applications. Additionally Delphi architecture allows for implementing Active X which easily facilitates intranet, Internet and WAN applications. For Dot Net applications c# and Mono applications are part of the solution cadre offered.
Legacy applications functioning in Legacy environments are typically written in COBOL, Pascal, FORTRAN, Assembler and Statistical Analysis Systems. Operating environments include CICS, MVS. VM, Dec Vax and other viable operating environments.
Complete mastery of IBM utilities such as ISPF, IDCAMS, VSAM Internals and the installation of proprietary third party software application allows ease of implementation in mainframe environments.
Certifications in performance measurement and capacity planning allows for benchmarking performance and capacity maximization concerns.

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