BCS COBOL Development Methodology

We currently have a series of COBOL source code that allows for the rapid assembly of COBOL solutions written entirely in COBOL.

Click here for a brief description of COBOL.

A series of prototyped COBOL sub programs are available for customization and tailoring by employing DMF (dialog management facility) of interactive structured programming facilities (ISPF). Our customers are not required to maintain any mainframe we provide suitable mainframes for all our solutions. Z/OS, MVS, VM, OpenVMS, Linux distributions as well as various virtual machines are readily available.

A COBOL program is available that takes a prototype COBOL as input then performs an update in place from a subject text string to a target text string. This utility allows us to very quickly and accurately tailor COBOL source for almost any situation on almost any computing platform.

More advanced features of the COBOL programming language are available like internal sort, report writer as well as other COBOL techniques.

A multi document interface (MDI) applications is available for those situations where multiple compiler output listing need to be perused and compared. Each instantiation of the MDI has a sorted cross reference and the compiler output source code listing. When the technician click on the cross reference line number the tab containing the compiler output listing is positioned to that line number for instant access to the associated COBOL source code.

Melding and leveraging these technologies has few limits where practical application of the technology will increase productivity and improve the overall software life cycle.

Be sure and visit our technological web site for source code examples of COBOL programs we have maintained and produced.