BCS Eclipse Mars

Currently developing with Java 8 JDK. Current application server is Tomcat 8. This software layer is installed on Window 7 Ultimate and Ubuntu 14.04 headless server on the cloud.

The Eclipse Mars milestone 3 SDK with Java EE is the base application development environment.The Spring Tool Suite and the Groovy & Grails Tool Suite 3.6.3 is the base Grails environment.Both Java 8 and Grails 2.2.4 are configured and operational in the Eclipse Mars Integrated Development Environment. There are two main philosophies in developing grails application.

Custom digital movies primarily in Flash are developed and made available as flash objects.An additional. folder is created in the MVC tree to allow grails access to custom digital movies.When other media is required they are easily embedded into the Grails server pages.

Digital user's guides are available for end user training and acclimation for deliverables. Typically software that captures the screen, mouse motions and keystrokes as well as narrative voice recording are used for production of the digital user's guide.

While I have configured both IntellJ and NetBeans IDE's I prefer the Eclipse IDE over the others. Per seat license price drives this effort. Of course I adapt to the customer's requirements at all times.

Project management is accomplished by using waterfall or agile. Many customers per for a hybrid of parts of both technologies.

When required other technologies are melded to produce sound technological solutions.Here is an example of reverse engineered ADO tables to produce the required PHP and JavaScript files to make a CRUD for any existing data table. The resulting generated code is PHP and JavaScript. The Delphi source code is available at the Embarcadero Code Central.

For website development in addition to Grails Yii is employed to produce professional looking PHP web sites including high quality calendar controls for almost any set of activities.

MVC stack clones are available written in Delphi that creates a new MVC stack from and existing stack while changing the name of the new stack to maintain uniformity of site id's.

A number of source code generators written primarily in Delphi are also available.I happen to be the moderator of Delphi Innovators where approximately 1,100 world class technicians engaged in creating a better mouse trap via Delphi.

Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate rounds out the software development where MVC 5 is used to dot net applications.