About Us


Our founder Mr. Arch Brooks has authored IT solutions since the early seventies. Through his tenure he has successfully authored software solutions for multiple operating platforms.

While performing duties as a Scientific Engineering Programmer Mr. Brooks was certified by the U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission to write computer software in the construction, operation and maintenance of nuclear fueled power plants in the United States.

Mr. Brooks was one of the first African-American Executives for Trans World Airlines. His office was co-located at 605 3rd Ave. New York and the Administrative Center in Kansas City.

While serving the DOD after receiving a Congressional Appointment as a Computer Specialist Mr. Brooks was certified as a Performance Measurement / Capacity Planning resident expert for Major Subordinate Commands.

Mr. Brooks earned certifications from Statistical Analysis Systems (SAS, Research Triangle Park) in Advanced Report Writing and Advanced Graphics.

Our founder, CEO and Chief Software Engineer Mr. Arch Brooks has several decades of experience in Information Management.

His humble beginnings were established on IBM 360/30. That was a few decades before the PC. There were no CRT's per Se. Input was accomplished via 80 80 Hollerith punched cards. Output was produced on 132 column green bar paper. Card decks and printouts wow!

Chief Brooks authored his first source code generator in the early seventies. Since the code generation effort has expanded to numerous information management technologies and greatly accelerates source code generation tasks.

In the early eighties Mr. Brooks accepted a Congressional Appointment with the Department of Defense as a Computer Specialist.